Kurt Loder & Downtown Julie Brown present: The Carl's Jr. After​-​Party! (Acoustic EP, 2012)


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In 2012 our record label, Thumper Punk Records, requested that their bands submit an acoustic song for inclusion on a free Valentine's Day compilation. Our drummer couldn't make it to the studio that day so Jimmy, Byron, and Bob sat down and ended up recording a few songs for the heck of it. All of the songs were done live and in one or two takes at most and with no overdubs. Three of the songs are acoustic versions of older Absolved songs, one is a brand new song, and one is a cover song of a fellow Thumper Punk Records band. We had a lot of fun doing these songs, but please don't take them all that seriously...we certainly don't!


released April 4, 2015

Jimmy: vocals, guitar (on some songs)
Byron: bass
Bob: guitar (on all songs)

All music by Absolved (except "The Walking Dead, though it's a loose interpretation of their song and the music isn't really similar at all). All lyrics by Jimmy (except "The Walking Dead").



all rights reserved


ABSOLVED San Buenaventura (Ventura), California

We're old school punk with a touch of youthcrew hardcore and some metal here and there...and a sense of humor (imagine that). Formed in theory circa 2001; formed in reality in 2007; currently on hiatus since early 2012.

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Track Name: I The Contrite (acoustic)
You say when I have sin God doesn’t hear my prayers
As though they dissipate into thin air
Somewhere between my lips and the heart of God
I look into the Crucified’s eyes and I don’t see that there

Facedown in all the filth I’ve lived
Repentant heart, faith in the Son: He sees and He forgives
So if your statement is true then I have no hope
For no human effort could ever make me His
Track Name: Turn Your Head And Snip (acoustic)
Had a little snippy snip and now I’m givin thanks
Don’t worry about a single thing cuz now I’m shootin blanks
Vas De! Fer Rens! Vas De! Fer Rens!
Antisperm antibodies, epididymitis
Vas remnant, orchalgeia, azoospermia
Vas De! Fer Rens! Vas De! Fer Rens!
Track Name: Where Is M.C. Breed When You Need Him? (acoustic)
You're oi...oh wait, you're Sunset Strip
You're rap...oh wait, you're grunge
You're pop...oh wait, you're punk
You're rap-core...oh wait, now you're reggae?
You're DC Talk...oh wait, you're hopeless
Identity crisis or something worse?
From the heart or just a trend?
Who knows? Who cares?
But there ain't no future in your frontin
MC Breed would set all you clowns straight!
Track Name: Turn Your Head And Cough (acoustic)
Turn your head and cough!